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The main research of CAPS lies in the area of Compiler Technology and Programming Systems, with the emphasis on integrating automatic learning, adaptation, and evolvement into different computing layers (programming systems, virtual machines, operating systems, architecture) to form a whole-system synergy.


11/2013 ASPLOS'14 accepts a paper on compilation scheduling for JIT-based runtime systems.

11/2013 ASPLOS'14 accepts a paper on a rigorous approach to parallelizing inherently sequential programs.

11/2013 HiPEAC invites presentation of our work on parallel parser for HTML5.

11/2013 ACM TACO accepts a paper on the first parallel parser for HTML5.

5/2013 PACT'13 accepts a paper on NV memory for GPU.

5/2013 MSPC'13 accepts a two-page position paper on software-level scheduling on GPGPU.

3/2013 ECOOP'13 accepts a paper on profile rectification.


NSF CCF grant on non-uniformity--centric optimizations for Dynamic Computations on Chip Multiprocessors. (2013--2016)

DOE Early Career Award on Data Locality Enhancement of Dynamic Simulations for Exascale Computing. (2011-2016)

NSF Career Award on Input-Centric Program Behavior Analysis and Adaptation. (2010-2015)

NSF CCF grant on shared cache management on CMP. (2008-2011)

NSF CSR grant on behavior-oriented parallelization. (2007-2010)

IBM CAS Fellowship. (2008-2011)



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