Welcome to ACM Student local chapter at W&M

The William and Mary Student Association for Computing Machinery (WMSACM) is a student association consisting of  students, faculty, and staffs with diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in computer technology. WMSACM is open to all the people in Williamsburg and around areas, including students, aculty, and staff in all fields at the the College of Williams Mary.  There will be several of special interest groups (SIGs) that focus on specific areas of computing in our local ACM chapter.  The local chapter hosts several activities  which help the student to prepare public academic presentation, help students and faculty to exchange academic ideas in the research community, help students and faculty to meet in a non-classroom environment and  participating in ACM sponsored programming contests.

About ACM 

The Association for Computing Machinery is the largest and oldest international scientific and educational computing society in the industry today. The ACM is dedicated to advancing the art, science, engineering, and application of information technology.