Online Manual

An online manual is available that contains information about user commands, system commands, X applications, and other system related information. The command man displays manual pages by keywords. The pages of the manual are located in several directories of the system. The variable $MANPATH is set to these directory paths by an entry in your .cshrc file. The command man uses $MANPATH to find the appropriate man page. For example if you want information on the command cp, type man cp . The two commands apropos and whatis also access the online manual. The command apropos expects a keyword and returns all commands whose name line (the first line) of the manual page contains the keyword. The command whatis expects a keyword and returns the name line of the keyword's manual page.

The X application xman provides a graphical (windowing) environment to view manual pages. xman also provides a facility for searching the man pages. To start xman, you can either type xman& or select xman from the "Tools" menu .

Last modified: March 12, 1997