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Initial commit

Initial commit. This is a degenerate modifier commit: this change set is composed of empty, incidental, and abstract methods. These methods indicate that a new feature is planned. This commit includes changes to internationalization, properties or configuration files (.classpath, .gitignore, .project, ... ). The commit includes these new modules:

- facebook

- twitter

This change set is mainly composed of:

1. Changes to package org.springframework.social.twitter:

1.1. Add a data class for tweet. It allows to:

Get text;

Set text;

Get created at;

Set created at created at date;

Get tweet from user;

Get set from user;

Get id;

Set id;

Get profile image url;

Set profile image url;

Get tweet to user id;

Set tweet to user id;

Get tweet from user id;

Get set from user id;

Get language code;

Set language code;

Get source;

Set source

Referenced by:

SearchResults class

TwitterService class