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Implemented Spring 3.0 compatibility

BUG - FEATURE: <type-ID>

This is an object creation modifier commit: this change set is composed of factory, constructor, copy constructor and destructor methods, and these methods allow the creation of objects. This change set is mainly composed of:

1. Changes to package org.springframework.social.oauth1:

1.1. Modifications to SigningUtils.java:

1.1.1. Add a functionality to build authorization header value from client http request

2. Changes to package org.springframework.social.oauth2:

2.1. Add an object creator class for o auth 2 signing request factory. It allows to:

Handle standard;

Draft delegate client http request factory;

Instantiate o auth 2 signing request factory with delegate client http request factory, O auth 2 signing request previous O auth 2 version and O auth 2 signing request previous O auth 2 version;

Create request;

Referenced by:

OAuth2SigningRequestFactory class

ProtectedResourceClientFactory class