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Added stepPoint attribute (patch from Lukasz Rzeszotarski, manually applied)

BUG - FEATURE: <type-ID>

This is a state update modifier commit: this change set is composed only of mutator methods, and these methods provide changes related to updates of an object's state. This change set is mainly composed of:

1. Changes to package org.jfree.chart.renderer.xy:

1.1. Modifications to XYStepAreaRenderer.java:

1.1.1. Add variable declaration statement at drawItem(Graphics2D,XYItemRendererState,Rectangle2D,PlotRenderingInfo,XYPlot,ValueAxis,ValueAxis,XYDataset,int,int,CrosshairState,int) method

1.1.2. Add method invocation to method addPoint of this.pArea object at drawItem(Graphics2D,XYItemRendererState,Rectangle2D,PlotRenderingInfo,XYPlot,ValueAxis,ValueAxis,XYDataset,int,int,CrosshairState,int) method

1.1.3. Modify variable declaration transX0 at drawItem(Graphics2D,XYItemRendererState,Rectangle2D,PlotRenderingInfo,XYPlot,ValueAxis,ValueAxis,XYDataset,int,int,CrosshairState,int) method

1.1.4. Modify arguments list when calling addPoint method at drawItem(Graphics2D,XYItemRendererState,Rectangle2D,PlotRenderingInfo,XYPlot,ValueAxis,ValueAxis,XYDataset,int,int,CrosshairState,int) method

1.1.5. Add assignment to this.stepPoint at XYStepAreaRenderer(int,XYToolTipGenerator,XYURLGenerator) constructor

1.1.6. Add if statement at equals(Object) method

1.1.7. Add return statement at equals(Object) method

1.1.8. Add (Object state) stepPoint attribute

1.2. Modifications to XYStepAreaRendererTest.java:

1.2.1. Add method invocation to method setStepPoint of r1 object at testEquals() method

1.2.2. Add method invocation to local method assertFalse at testEquals() method

1.2.3. Add method invocation to method setStepPoint of r2 object at testEquals() method

1.2.4. Add method invocation to local method assertEquals at testEquals() method