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Rename tests to match convention.

BUG - FEATURE: <type-ID>

This is a small modifier commit that does not change the system significantly.This commit renames some files. This change set is mainly composed of:

1. Changes to package org.jfree.chart.renderer.xy.junit:

1.1. Modifications to RendererXYPackageTests.java:

1.1.1. Modify arguments list when calling addTestSuite method at suite() method

1.2. Rename type XYBarRendererTests with XYBarRendererTest

1.3. Rename type XYBlockRendererTests with XYBlockRendererTest

1.4. Rename type XYErrorRendererTests with XYErrorRendererTest

1.5. Rename type XYLineAndShapeRendererTests with XYLineAndShapeRendererTest