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Removed overzealous use of 'final' keyword.

BUG - FEATURE: <type-ID>

This is a state access modifier commit: this change set is composed only of accessor methods, and these methods provide a client with information, but the data members are not modified. This change set is mainly composed of:

1. Changes to package org.jfree.chart.text:

1.1. Modifications to TextLine.java:

1.1.1. Modify javadoc at TextLine class

1.1.2. Modify variable declaration fragment at TextLine(String,Font) method

1.1.3. Modify variable declaration yOffset at draw(Graphics2D,float,float,TextAnchor,float,float,double) method

1.1.4. Modify variable declaration d

1.1.5. Modify variable declaration line

1.1.6. Add method invocation to method nullNotPermitted of ParamChecks object at TextLine(String,Font,Paint) method

1.1.7. Remove throw statement of IllegalArgumentException exception

1.1.8. Remove if statement at TextLine(String,Font,Paint) constructor

1.1.9. Modify variable declaration fragment at TextLine(String,Font,Paint) method