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Add test using the config admin and lifecycle controller

BUG - FEATURE: <type-ID>

This is a behavior modifier commit: this change set is composed of command and non-void-command methods, and these methods execute complex internal behavioral changes within an object. This commit includes changes to internationalization, properties or configuration files (pom.xml, metadata.xml). This change set is mainly composed of:

1. Changes to package org.apache.felix.ipojo.test.scenarios.component:

1.1. Modifications to ReconfigurableSimpleType.java:

1.1.1. Add a functionality to prop reconfigurable simple type

1.1.2. Add (Object state) controller attribute

2. Changes to package org.apache.felix.ipojo.test.scenarios.factories:

2.1. Modifications to ReconfigurationTest.java:

2.1.1. Rename testRevalidationOnREconfiguration method with testRevalidationOnReconfiguration

2.1.2. Add a functionality to set reconfiguration test

2.1.3. Add a functionality to test revalidation on reconfiguration using config admin and controller

2.1.4. Add a functionality to tear reconfiguration test

2.1.5. Add a functionality to test revalidation on reconfiguration with controller

2.1.6. Add (Object state) admin attribute

2.1.7. Add (Object state) UPDATE_WAIT_TIME attribute

3. Changes to package org.apache.felix.ipojo.test.scenarios.util:

3.1. Modifications to Utils.java:

3.1.1. Add a functionality to wait utils for service