X Windows Introduction

X Windows is invoked by "xinit /usr/bin/X11/xstart". Your .cshrc file defines the alias xw for invoking X Windows. (If are using an Xterm, there is no need to start X.) Common key and mouse button definitions inside X are listed.

The following files in your home directory are relevant to X Windows

When you start X Windows, your account is set up to start the X Windows manager twm . The window manager is set by an entry in the .xtools file. When you login onto an Xterm, twm is also the window manager. The window manager for an Xterm is set by an entry in the .Xsession file. In your home directory is the startup file .twmrc which controls much of twm's appearance and behavior.

Important X Applications

The following X Applications are important to understand and use immediately:

Exiting X Windows

By placing your cursor outside of a window (root or background window), bring up the "Tom's Window Manager" menu by pressing and holding the middle mouse button. Select the menu item Exit X Windows . This selection will not only exit X but also log you out of your account. After exiting X you will be given a few seconds to abort the logout sequence. If you wish to do so, press CTRL-C when you see the message Logout? (^C to interrupt) on your screen. The command logout will log you out of your account. Commands in your .login file provide the feature of automically being logged out when you exit X Windows.

Last modified: March 12, 1997