Suggested Lecture Topics

The following is a compilation of lectures presented during the three one-semester offerings of UMSA by the participating faculty members. Consistent with the varying approaches to simulation taken, the lectures are roughly divided here into three main categories, each with subcategories. Links to corresponding PDF files of the lecture accompany each topic. In addition, links to the associated reading, project, presentation, and/or report (if any) accompany each topic.

Key to Associated Links:

[pdf] Lecture in PDF    [rdg] Reading    [prj] Research Project

[prs] Student Presentation    [rep] Final Student Report

Computer Science

Computational biology, cellular automata, genetic algorithms   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Microeconomics   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Simulated annealing   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Discrete-State Models
Modeling the logical behavior of discrete-state systems   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Parallel discrete event simulation, intractability   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Effective balancing in clustered web servers under transient load conditions   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]


Input modeling using a computer algebra system   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Nonparametric estimation of the CIF for an NHPP using multiple realizations   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Simulation-based estimation   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Stochastic optimization   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Probability models and statistical methods in reliability   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]

Interdisciplinary Topics

Cellular automata based simulations   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Simulating forest fires   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Modeling beyond randomness   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Reading, writing, and presentation of technical material   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Report guidelines   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Physical science
Monte Carlo methods in physics   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Materials modeling -- an illustration with magnetism   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Social science
Artificial societies (1)   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]
Artificial societies (2)   [pdf] [rdg] [prj] [prs] [rep]