Student Presentations of Research Papers

Each UMSA student was required to The role of the discussant was to facilitate post-presentation discussion via questions and comments directed to the presenter.

Following is a compilation of presentations given by students during the three one-semester offerings of UMSA. Provided with each presentation topic is a link to the full citation of the associated reading and, when applicable, links to an associated lecture, project, and/or report.

Key to Associated Links:

[pdf] Student Presentation in PDF    [rdg] Reading    [lec] Lecture

[prj] Research Project    [rep] Final Student Report

Computer Science

A New Particle-Based Heuristic for a Euclidean Location-Allocation Problem   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
An Overview of Genetic Algorithms   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
Microeconomic Models for Resource Sharing in a Microcomputer   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
An Empirical Comparison of Priority-Queue and Event-Set Implementations   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
Discrete-State Models
Saturation: An Efficient Iteration Strategy for Symbolic State-Space Generation   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]


APPL: A Probability Programming Language   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
Nonparametric Estimation of the CIF for an NHPP   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
Parameter Estimation of the Weibull Probability Distribution   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
Simulation Based Estimation for Birth and Death Processes   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
Simulation Techniques for Parameter Estimation in Tumor Related Stochastic Processes   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]

Interdisciplinary Topics

Computer Simulations of Neural Networks   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
Natural science
Getting Older: Monte Carlo Simulations of Biological Aging   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
Lattice Simulations of Biological Membranes   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]
Physical science
Percolation   [pdf] [rdg] [lec] [prj] [rep]