Student Research Reports

Following is a compilation of selected final research reports and/or final presentation slides written by UMSA students. Links to corresponding PDF files of the report/presentation accompany each topic. In addition, links to the associated lecture, reading, project, and/or presentation (if any) accompany each topic.

Key to Associated Links:

[pdf] Final Student Report in PDF     [lec] Lecture    [rdg] Reading

[prj] Research Project   [prs] Student Presentation   


The Distribution of the Longest Path in a Stochastic Activity Network   [pdf] [lec] [rdg] [prj] [prs]
Distribution of the Longest Path of a Stochastic Activity Network with Continuous Activity Durations   [pdf] [lec] [rdg] [prj] [prs]
Sampling Variability Effects in Input Modeling in Discrete-Event Simulation   [pdf] [lec] [rdg] [prj] [prs]

Interdisciplinary Topics

Physical Science
Visualizing Quantum Mechanics with Diffusion Monte Carlo   [pdf] [lec] [rdg] [prj] [prs]
Social Science
Analyzing Agent Field of View and Implementing Hexagonal Cells in an Artificial Society   [pdf] [lec] [rdg] [prj] [prs]
Artificial Societies: Combat   [pdf] [lec] [rdg] [prj] [prs]