I will graduate in May 2014 and I am actively looking for a job in academia or research labs.

Hi, welcome to my homepage. I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student, working with my advisor Xipeng Shen in compiler research. I got my B.Sc. and M.E. from Central South University. After graduation, I spent one year in University of South Carolina at Columbia. I am a member of the CAPS group.

I am interested in anything that makes programs run faster, be it software or hardware. My current focus is on leveraging compiler techniques to speedup both high-performance and commercial codes. I am particularly interested in irregular CPU and GPU programs, dynamic program behavior analysis, and profile-guided optimizations. My research is supported by IBM CAS fellowship.

Other than computer science, I have very broad interests in many interesting things, including reading, piano, basketball and computer games. I try to make a good balance between life and work. My goal is to become a computer scientist, who knows the world well beyond computer science itself.