Makeallmsg Script
For creating a shell script
to broadcast email to a class
Bill Bynum
Fall, 1999

Creating a shell script to broadcast email to a class

The purpose of the makeallmsg Bourne shell script is to create a Bourne shell script (default name allmsg) that you can use to broadcast an email message to each member of your class. The makeallmsg script uses the namelist file required by the submit program to create the email sending shell script. The advantage of the allmsg script over including the list of email addresses for you entire class in the To: line of one email message is that each member of your class will receive her or his own privately addressed email message.

Usage Information

Usage:  makeallmsg [ -f scriptname ] name_list_file
    'scriptname' is the name of the script to be produced
         default is  "allmsg"
    'name_list_file' is a file containing student user ids, email addresses 
   echo  and names, one student per line. Each line is expected to be of
         the form
            user id      email address        name
            turing  Alan Mathison Turing
    Everything after the email address is treated as a part of the name

Script source

Sendmsg script called by the allmsg script

Sample allmsg script produced
Sample namelist file used

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