Makeroll program
For creating a class roll
Bill Bynum
Fall, 1999

Making a Class Roll

I have written the makeroll program that will use the namelist file required by the submit program to create a class roll. You can invoke it by typing:

             ~bynum/bin/makeroll namelistfile  >  class.roll

Usage Information

Usage: makeroll [options] namelist >  class.roll
      makes class roll from namelist
Lines in the namelist file are of either of three forms
   # comment line (skipped)
   userid  emailaddress  Student's_first (possibly middle) last_names
   a_null_line (skipped)
The first line of the file is expected to be a comment line
that contains the class title
   -u  ==>  include the user id in the roll
   -e  ==>  include the e-mail address in the roll
   default ==> don't include user id or e-mail address

Program Source

Sample class roll produced with the -u option
Sample namelist file used

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