CS 141

Syllabus Projects Grading

Course:  CS 141 
Title:  Computational Problem Solving 
Semester:  Spring 2016 
Class Hours:  Section 1 TuesThurs 12:30 - 1:50 PM 
Section 2, TuesThurs 3:30 - 4:50 PM
Location:  McGlothlin-Street 020 
Instructor:   Debbie Noonan
Contact Information:debbie@cs.wm.edu(w), deb.noonan@cox.net(h)
221-3470, (cell) 784-0149
Office Hours:  MW 11:00-12:00; T 11:00 - 12:00 AM; R 2:00 - 3:15
McGlothlin-Street Hall 116
Prerequisite:  None 
Programming Language:   
Texts:  The Practice of Computing using Python 3, 2nd edition by William Punch and Richard Enbody; Addison-Wesley
CS 141 Lab Manual -- available for purchase in CS office (McGl 126). 
Final Exam:  Section 1: Tuesday May 3, 9 - 12 AM
Section 2: Friday May 6, 2 - 5 PM 
Graders: Lele Ma, MS 332; lelema@cs.wm.edu
Lihua Ren, MS 001; renlh@cs.wm.edu
Hongyang Zhao, MS 001; hyzhao@cs.wm.edu  
Consultants' Schedule: consultants 
Pictures:section 1 
section 2



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  • Slides about numbers
    Start at about slide #44

  • Final Exam example (doc) no answers
  • Final Exam (.odt OpenOffice format)no answers
  • Final Exam (pdf format) with answers

    Debbie Noonan, debbie@cs.wm.edu
    Jan. 11, 2016