Description of Features

Feature Description Query Scenario Seed Method
jEdit Patch #1608486 Support for "thick" caret. configuration global option thick caret text area block Start jEdit; click “Global Options” button then “Text Area;” start tracing; click “thick” checkbox then “OK;” stop tracing; exit. EditPane.initPainter
(49LOC, 114 terms)
jEdit Patch #1818140 Edit the entries in the History Text. history text edit string menu Start jEdit; click “Find” button; start tracing; right click in text area; select “Previously entered searches;” delete, insert, and modify an entry; click “OK;” stop tracing; click “Close;” exit. ListModelEditor.createTableModel
(9LOC, 18 terms)
jEdit Patch #1923613 Reverse searching with regular expressions. reverse regex search regular expression Start jEdit; place cursor at end of file; start tracing; click “Find” button; select “Regular Expressions” and “Backwards;” enter “[0-9]+;” click “Find” several times; stop tracing; exit. SearchDialog.updateEnabled
(30LOC, 53 terms)
jEdit Patch #1849215 Match angle brackets. angle right find next Start jEdit; place start tracing; cursor to right of “<” whose match is on same line; place cursor to right of “<” whose match is on another line; stop tracing; exit. TextUtilities.findMatchingBracket
(147LOC, 117 terms)
Eclipse Bug #5138 Double-click-drag to select multiple words. mouse double click up down drag release Start Eclipse; start tracing; click and release the mouse button; click a second time quickly and hold the mouse button down, drag and select some text; release the mouse button; stop tracing, exit. TextViewer.mouseUp
(11LOC, 36 terms)
Eclipse Bug #31779 UnifiedTree should ensure file/folder exists. unified tree node file system folder location Start Eclipse; start tracing; create a file from the file system in a project; refresh; stop tracing; exit. UnifiedTree.addChildren
(53 LOC, 108 terms)
Eclipse Bug #19819 Emacs-style incremental search. incremental search Start Eclipse; start tracing; press Ctrl+J; type search criteria; use up and down arrow keys to find matches; stop tracing; exit.
(14LOC, 23 terms)
Eclipse Bug #32712 Repeated error message. delete resource project file folder fail Start Eclipse; create a simple project; add a file; edit foo.doc externally; start tracing; delete the project; stop tracing, exit. ResourceTree.standardDeleteProject
(78LOC, 216 terms)