Personal Info

I have recently defended my dissertation on Decemeber 7th 2015. I am particularly interested in intelligent systems and networks. "Creativity is contagious pass it on".- Albert Einstein.

  • Name Daniel Graham PhD
  • Advisor Gang Zhou
  • InterestIntelligent Systems
  • Email dggraham
  • CV PDF
  • Awards W & M Graduate Board Fellowship



A Smartphone Compatible SONAR Ranging Attachment for 2D Mapping
Daniel Graham
, Gang Zhou, Ed Novak, Jeffrey Buffkin
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2015 (PDF)

A Software Based SONAR Ranging Sensor For Smart Phones [Video] , [Github]
Daniel Graham
, George Simmons, David T. Nguyen, Gang Zhou
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2015 (PDF)


Discrete-time Markov Model for Wireless Link Burstiness Simulations
Yantao Li,
Daniel Graham
, Gang Zhou, Xin Qi, Shaojiang Deng, Di Xiao
Springer Wireless Personal Communications, 2013 (PDF)

Deep Learning Projects

Deeplearning Applied To Hyperspectral Data [GitHub]
This code implements self-learning classifier using an Autoencoder and a Softmax classifier and attempts to classify crops using hyperspectral data. However, our current solution does not outperform the state of the art.

Deep Learning Resources

Deeplearning Tutorial Wiki [Wiki] [Site]

Online classes I recommend

Machine Learning (Stanford) [Class]
Algorithms (Stanford) [Part 1] [Part 2]

Drone Flights

Drone Flyover of the William and Mary Campus [Video]

CS Classics

Art of Programming
[Donald E. Knuth]

Computers and Intractability: A Guide to the Theory of NP-Completeness
[Michael Garey and David S. Johnson.]

Specifying systems : the TLA+ language and tools for hardware and software
[Leslie Lamport]

Computational Science and Engineering
[Gilbert Strang]

The Elements of Programming Style
[Brian Kernighan and P. J. Plauger]

Discrete Event Simulation: First Course
[Larry H Leemis, Stephen K. Park]