Welcome to Feng Yan's Homepage

Feng is a PhD candidate in Computer Science Department, The College of William and Mary. His advisor is Professor Evgenia Smirni. He got his B.S. degree from Northeastern University and M.S. degree from The College of William and Mary. His hometown is Jiangsu, China. His Chinese name is 颜枫.

Research Interests

MapReduce, Distributed Deep Learning Systems, Big Data, Performance Modeling and Evaluation, Data Analysis, Workload Characterization, Tiered Storage Systems, Resources Allocation and Consolidation, Consistency, Load Balancing, Priority Scheduling, Queuing Theory, Power Savings


  • Research Intern, Microsoft Research, Redmond, July 2014 - Present
  • Research Intern, Systems Research Lab (SIMPL), HP Labs, July 2013 - June 2014
  • Research Assistant, College of William and Mary, May 2010 - Present
  • Teaching Assistant, College of William and Mary, August 2009 - April 2010
  • Internship, Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Company Limited, October 2008 - July 2009
  • Research Assistant, Northeastern University, June 2008 - September 2008
  • Skills

  • Experience: Performance Evaluation of Systems, Data Analysis, Simulation, Hadoop
  • Benchmarks: SPEC, TPCW, TPCC, RUBiS, iPerf, VTune, ImageNet, MNIST
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Shell, Awk, OpenMP
  • Tools: Matlab, Gnuplot, Maple, LaTex, Xfig, Vim, SYSSTAT, SQL, Tomcat
  • Recent Publications