Papers Reading List for CSCI 634: Advanced Computer Networking

Group 1: Internet Architecture and Design

Additional Readings:

Group 2: TCP Congestion Control

Additional Readings:

Group 3: DNS and IP Address

Additional Readings:

Group 4: Network Topology

Group 5: Network Measurement and Modeling

Additional Readings:

Group 6: Internet Routing and BGP protocol

Group 7: Green Internet

Group 8: Web

Optional Readings:

Group 9: Mobile and Wireless Networking

Group 10: Network Security

Group 11: Online Social Networks

Group 12: Data Center Networks and Cloud Computing

Group 13: Software-Defined Networking

  • [CFP+07] M. Casado et al., Ethane: Taking Control of the Enterprise; In Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM 2007.
  • [MAB+08] Nick McKeown et al., OpenFlow: Enabling Innovation in Campus Networks; In Proc. of ACM CCR 2008.