On the Job Market!

Posted by KDM on September 24, 2015

After a lot of work and fun getting my Ph.D. at W&M, I will need a new occupation. I should get my diploma in May 2016 but defend in the Winter sometime, which means I may be available to work much earlier. Still ironing out the exactness of all that. I am interested in research positions related to computer graphics/vision, but I would also love to work in an interdisciplinary setting, researching climate change issues. I am also looking into consulting positions for system integration and software design. Please feel free to contact me about any position that you find relevant.


Posted by KDM on August 15, 2015

Revving up my website blog again. Why not?

Another year, another SIGGRAPH! This time, however, our burgeoning graphics group was represented in a big way by Bo Dong with his first SIGGRAPH paper acceptance (first SIGGRAPH paper for the group too.) Bo is now at ESPN. Our whole group, minus one, went out to Los Angeles to take in the latest work by our colleagues, support Bo, and gain inspiration for our continued work on projects. Los Angeles Downtown can be difficult to connect with - it's very commerical and business-oriented. Without a car, there isn't much to explore. (Read: "eat.") That's where Uber came in handy. One moment we were on a street corner; the next, we were at a Persian restaurant. Thank goodness for good food to break up a lot of walking, a lot of listening, and a lot of networking. See you next time, SIGGRAPH.

Graduate Research Symposium

Posted by KDM on March 26, 2012

On March 23-24, W&M held its 11th Annual Graduate Research Symposium. I was lucky enough to give a talk on my current research, gaining exposure for myself and the Graphics group and experience presenting. Going into the experience, I did not expect to get anything extra out of it. As it turned out, I really enjoyed seeing what other students were researching in other groups and departments. I made new connections with a few people. The GRS is a growing venue for showcasing the College's strong research component, and each graduate student should make a point of enriching this pool of knowledge with his or her research at some point.