CS 780 Discrete-State Models

CSCI 780-02, Spring 2008



Where and When

Class:                              14.00-15.20, Tuesday,Thursday,                      Mc Glothlin Street Hall, R002
Office hours:          15.00-17.00, Monday, Wednesday and other hours by appointment.




Peter Kemper
006 McGlothlin-Street Hall (my room is in between Dr. Kearns office in 005 and that of 007)
kemper [At] CS [dot] WM [dot] EDU


Covers a variety of modeling formalisms (automata, state charts, Petri nets, process algebras) with possible extensions towards deterministic and stochastic notions of time; corresponding analysis techniques (simulation, state space exploration, model checking, reduction, analysis of stochastic processes) for applications including formal verification, reliability, dependability, performability of systems in computer systems and networks.


No prerequisites are formally required. Of course it is beneficial to have experience from CS 436/536 Simulation, CS 616 Stochastic Models in Computer Science.

Required Book:

No particular book, material will be made available in class.

Course Structure:

Class will meet twice a week. Some course material will be presented by the instructor, some will be presented by the students. Each class will consist of a lecture on the day's book or paper, followed by a directed discussion on the material. Students will also receive feedback on their teaching from the instructor and their classmates. Students must turn in a summary of every paper on the day that the paper is presented. Students will be expected to work on a project in one of the areas we will cover.


It is expected that students attend all classes.

Students Who Need Accommodation:

Please see me after class or send email to set up a brief meeting.

Information Dissemination:

I will maintain a set of web pages beneath


in support of the course. They should be considered official components of the course, and you should check them on a daily basis.