Alumini of Wireless Networking Group:


Haodong Wang, 2005-2009, defended thesis ("A Privacy Preserving Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems and its Integration in Real World Applications") on 7/17/2009
Bo Sheng, 2006-2009, defended thesis ("Building Efficient Wireless Infrastructures for Pervasive Computing Environments") on 9/25/2009
Chiu C. Tan, 2006-2010, defended thesis ("Secure and Efficient Data Extraction for Ubiquitous Computing Applications") on 7/6/2010
Wei Wei, 2010-2013, defended thesis ("Improving Security and Privacy in Online Social Networks") on 7/9/2013
Fengyuan Xu 2009-2013, defended thesis ("Improving Energy Efficiency and Security for Pervasive Computing Systems") on 7/11/2013
Hao Han,  2010-2013, defended thesis ("Towards Secure, Power-Efficient and Location-Aware Mobile Computing") on 12/2/2013


Lifu Tu, 2014, "A Study on Big Data Security"


Seth Utecht, 6/2008-8/2008, working on vehicular sensor networks
Harry Gao, 1/2008, 6/1/2008/-7/31/2008, working on vehicular sensor networks and behavior detection
Evan Callaway (2010 Spring/Summer), working on RFID algorithms
Wei Xia (2011 Summer, Monroe Scholar), working on ECG delineation
Dominique Piggott (2012 Summer, Norfolk State University, African American student), working on mobile crowdsourcing
Patrick Godwin (2013 Summer, Virginia Tech.), working on computer organization
Alessandro Roux (2013 Summer), working on searchable encrypted email system

Highschool Students:

Dmitry Zamkov, 2012-2013, working on zero-knowledge proof

Visiting Scholars and Students:

Hao Han, 9/2007-10/2008, working on RFID estimation alg. and Rogue AP detection scheme
Lei Xie, 9/2008-9/2009, working on RFID tag identification and vehicular networks.
Huda El Hag Mustafa, University Of Khartoum, Sudan (7/2011-7/2012), working on RFID
Xiaojun Zhu, Nanjing University, China, (8/2011-8/2012), working on vehicular networks and localization
Xue Zhang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, (1/2013-1/2014)
Zongbo Li, Changsha Institute of Technology, China (2/2013-1/2014)