Vehicular Network Experiments

Test a Vehicular Station
Roadside Acess Point
group05 group08

RFID Experiments

RFID Test on Conveyor Belt
group05 group08

Snoogle: A Search Engine for the Physical World

Snoogle: Searching the Physical World
Snoogle kit
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08/15/2008 Summer Group Pictures

Fengyuan, Seth, Qun, Chiu, Hao, Bo, Haodong
Bo, Haodong, Hao, Chiu, Fengyuan, Thomas Jefferson, Seth, Qun
group05 group08

10/18/2005 Group Pictures

Qun, Chiu, Haodong, and Bo
With Thomas Jefferson

group05 group08

9/15/2005 First batch of Telos Motes

Alice, Bob, and two anonymous guys
Alice's wink

telos2 telos4

2002 Old Experiments

3/8/2002 Outside of Sudikoff 8/7/2002 Mica2 Motes
First Experiment Mica2