1/20 Wed.  Introduction
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3/1 Xin Ruan
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3/3 Robert Thompson
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3/6(Sat.)-3/14(Sun.) Spring Break

3/15 Zhengrui Qin ppt, pdf
Borrowed-virtual-time (BVT) scheduling
: supporting latency-sensitive threads in a general-purpose scheduler
No class

3/22 Zhijia Zhao
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3/24 Bo Dong
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3/31 Ziyu Guo
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4/12 Patrick Vaughn
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No class

4/19 George Simmons
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Reference: Intel Virtualization Technology
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4/30 (Fri.) Last day of class

5/4 (Tue.) 9:00-12:00 (Final Exam)

5/16  (Sun.) Commencement

MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
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A comparison of software and hardware techniques for x86 virtualization
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