"Real-Time Rendering of Deformable Heterogeneous Translucent Objects using Multiresolution Splatting"
Guojun Chen, Pieter Peers, Jiawan Zhang, and Xin Tong

Visual Computer, Volume 28, Issue 6-8, pages 701-711, June 2012
In this paper, we present a novel real-time rendering algorithm for heterogenous translucent objects with deformable geometry. The proposed method starts by rendering the surface geometry in two separate geometry buffers - the irradiance buffer and the splatting buffer - with corresponding mipmaps from the lighting and viewing directions, respectively. Irradiance samples are selected from the irradiance buffer according to geometric and material properties using a novel and fast selection algorithm. Next, we gather the irradiance per visible surface point by splatting the irradiance samples to the splatting buffer. To compute the appearance of long-distance low-frequency subsurface scattering, as well as short-range detailed scattering, a fast novel multiresolution GPU algorithm is developed that computes everything on the fly and which does not require any precomputations. We illustrate the effectiveness of our method on several deformable geometries with measured heterogeneous translucent materials.

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