"Reflectometry Measurement with Free-Form Lighting"
Kaori Kikuchi, Bruce Lamond, Abhijeet Ghosh, Pieter Peers, Paul Debevec, Ichikari Ryosuke, and Hideyuki Tamura

Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding, January 2011
This paper introduces a prototype system for measurement of per-pixel appearance parameters. For example, diffuse albedo, specular albedo, surface normals and specular roughness. Some conventional techniques estimate BRDF from images under constructed illuminations. On the other hand, images are captured with a free-form hand-held light from a fixed viewpoint camera in our system. We employ a simple method using images which have only diffuse component for estimating light directions. Polarizer and image-based methods are used for separation of diffuse and specular components in general scenes. Additionally, image-based relighting is required for free-form light conditions to calculate reflectance properties of objects.

Related Publications
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