"Wavelet Environment Matting"
Philip Dutré, and Pieter Peers

Hierarchical Methods in Computer Graphics, Dagstuhl Seminar 03271, June 29-July 4 2003
In this paper we present a novel approach for capturing the environment matte of scene. We impose no restrictions on material properties of the objects in the captured scene and take advantage of the scene characteristics (e.g. material properties and self-shadowing) to minimize recording time and to bound error. Wavelet patterns are emitted, using a CRT monitor, onto the scene in order of importance to efficiently construct the environment matte. This order of importance is obtained by means of a feedback loop that takes advantage of the knowledge learned from previously recorded photographs. Once the recording process is finished, new backdrops can be efficiently placed behind the scene.

Related Publications
  • Pieter Peers, and Philip Dutré, "Wavelet Environment Matting", Proceedings of the 14th Eurographics Symposium on Rendering, pages 157-166, Leuven, Belgium, June 2003,
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