Note on the Vector and Matrix Class Software
Vector and Matrix Classes

Christopher Siefert and Virginia Torczon


Our C++ Vector and Matrix classes, built from the Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT), implement vectors and matrices in a fashion suitable for numerical computation in C++. The Template Numerical Toolkit was originally created by Roldan Pozo, who is a research scientist in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division of the Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Our version was modified by Christopher Siefert to add increased functionality. New features include a function to compute the Euclidean norm of a vector (based on the Basic Linear Algebra Subprogram (BLAS) dnrm2), as well as alternative methods for accessing matrix data. Another practical modification made to TNT included the elimination of the use of namespaces since when this work was begun (in 1999) not all C++ compilers then in use supported this feature.