ChangeScribe: A Tool for Automatically Generating Commit Messages

ChangeScribe is a tool for automatically generating commit messages using natural language summaries for Java applications hosted on Git SCM. The generated commit message describes the rationale of changes by using commit stereotypes, impact sets, and specific templates. ChangeScribe also allows to control the length of the message by using an elegant impact set-based heuristic.


ChangeScribe can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac. Before installing ChangeScribe you should:


  1. ChangeScribe in Action


  1. In Eclipse IDE select Help > Install New Software ... (An installation dialog will be displayed).
  2. Click to Add ... button. Define a name for this update site and copy the following link:


  4. Click Ok button.
  5. Open summarizer group.
  6. ChangeScribe
  7. Check the box next to ChangeScribe plugin.
  8. Click Next > button.
  9. Select ChangeScribe plugin to view installation details.
  10. Accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Next > button again.
  11. Click Finish button.
  12. Restart Eclipse IDE.
  13. Use ChangeScribe!


ChangeScribe is available as Eclipse Plugin under Eclipse Public License. The source code is hosted at Github:

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