Why Semeru?

Semeru stands for Software Engineering Maintenance and Evolution Research Unit. We take our name from Mount Semeru, an active volcano on the island of Java in Indonesia.

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  • SEMERU Group at Malcom Gethers' Defense - Summer 2012
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The Software Engineering Maintenance and Evolution Research Unit (Semeru) at the College of William and Mary , lead by Dr. Denys Poshyvanyk, is dedicated to advancing the state of the art in software maintenance and evolution research. Our primary goal is to improve programmers' productivity and develop new methods and tools for building and maintaining higher quality software in a cost-effective manner. Specifically, we are interested in a number of research topics.

  • Software maintenance and evolution
  • Program comprehension
  • Reverse engineering of source code
  • Traceability link recovery and management
  • Software measurement and metrics
  • Mining of software repositories
  • Software privacy
  • Source code analysis
  • Empirical studies in software engineering and evolution
  • Software reuse
  • Applications of information retrieval in software engineering
  • Software testing
  • Software licensing


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