Publications of Paul K. Stockmeyer

The Tower of Hanoï
The average distance between nodes in the cyclic Tower of Hanoi digraph, in Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Algorithms, Vol. II (Proceedings of the Eighth Quadrennial International Conference on Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Algorithms, and Applications), Y. Alavi, D. R. Lick, and A. Schwenk, ed., pp. 799--808. New Issues Press, Kalamazoo, 1999.

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Reconstruction of Graphical Structures
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(with Bennet Manvel), On reconstruction of matrices, Mathematics Magazine 44 (1971), 218-221.

Other Graph Theory
Who is the best doubles tennis player?: An introduction to k-tournaments, in Graph Theory, Combinatorics, and Applications, Vol. 2 (Y. Alavi et al., eds.), John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1991, 1083-1091.

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Bandwidth Reduction of Sparse Matrices
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(with N. E. Gibbs and W. G. Poole, Jr.), A comparison of several bandwidth and profile reduction algorithms, ACM Trans. on Math. Software 2 (1976), 322-330.

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The charm bracelet problem and its applications, in Graphs and Combinatorics (R. Bari and F. Harary, eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1975, 339-349.

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