Virginia Torczon: college service

graduate studies and research, college of arts & sciences, 2013-
(co-chair), retention, promotion, and tenure, 2012-2013
faculty research committee, 2005-2006
area iii subcommittee, faculty research committee, 2004-2005
(and convener) search commitee for the founding director, college scholars program, faculty of arts and sciences, spring 2003
selection committee for the w&m faculty lecture series, 2012-2013
retention, promotion, and tenure, 2010-2013
selection committee for batten scholarships, charles center, spring 2007
search committee for co-director, murray scholarship program, faculty of arts and sciences, summer 2006
murray scholarship program interview committee, faculty of arts and sciences, spring 2006
minor grants review subcommittee, faculty research committee, 2003-2004
faculty research committee, 2003-2006
(and convener) committee for the thomas jefferson prize in natural philosophy, fall 2000
search committee for dean, research and graduate studies, faculty of arts and sciences, spring 2000
selection committee for chappell undergraduate research fellowships, charles center, spring 2000
internal graduate review committee for the department of history, spring 1998
freshman advisor

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