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Below are links to software with which I have had at least some involvement.

Be warned that these are research codes, not commercial codes. All the software posted here has been tested and used by at least one other user besides the original author. When we are notified of programming errors encountered by other users, we make every effort to post corrections as quickly as possible. We appreciate feedback if you encounter a bug in any particular piece of software, but we assume no responsibility for the effects of any error you may encounter. Furthermore, since this software has been developed in a research environment, there is no user support; we cannot afford a "help desk" to answer questions from individual users. You are free to send an inquiry; if someone has time to handle the question, we will endeavor a response.

I suggest that you check the Last update information if you have any questions about the currency of the version posted. Please check for changes as we install both new software packages and updates of existing software packages on a routine basis.

Those of you who would prefer to avoid C++, or for whom a commercial package with user support is more attractive, may want to check out the MathWorks product Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox 2.0, which contains Direct Search Algorithm Tools that implement pattern search methods. These tools include extensions to handle problems with bound constraints, linear equalities, linear inequalities (so long as the linear constraints are nondegenerate), and nonlinear inequalities.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of the agencies that have funded this work.
Direct Search Classes [HTML file]

author: Anne Shepherd

collaborators: Liz Dolan, Adam Gurson, Chris Siefert, Virginia Torczon, and Amy Yates

last update: Revision 1.1, 2003/06/23, 14:00

Model-Assisted Pattern Search Classes (MAPS) [HTML file]

author: Chris Siefert and Amy Yates

collaborators: Liz Dolan, Anthony Padula, Anne Shepherd, Virginia Torczon, and Michael Trosset,

last update: Revision 0.5, 2003/06/18, 15:00

Krigifier Classes [HTML file]

author: Anthony Padula

collaborators: Chris Siefert, Anne Shepherd, Virginia Torczon and Michael Trosset

last update: Revision 1.3, 2003/06/18, 14:00

Simplex Search Classes [HTML file]

author: Adam Gurson

collaborators: Anne Shepherd and Virginia Torczon

last update: Revision 1.1, 2001/05/25, 12:00

C++ Matrix and Vector Classes [HTML file]

author: Chris Siefert

collaborators: Liz Dolan and Virginia Torczon

last update: 2003/06/18, 14:00

C++ Class-Based Pattern Search [HTML file]

author: Liz Dolan

collaborator: Virginia Torczon

last update: Revision 1.0, 1999/06/23, 12:45

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