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  • Kenneth Koltermann, Woosub Jung, GinaMari Blackwell, Abbott Pinney, Matthew Chen, Leslie Cloud, Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff, Gang Zhou, "FoG-Finder: Real-time Freezing of Gait Detection and Treatment," IEEE/ACM CHASE 2023, Orlando, USA, June 2023.

  • Minglong Sun, Woosub Jung, Kenneth Koltermann, Gang Zhou, Amanda Watson, Ginamari Blackwell, Noah Helm, Leslie Cloud, Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff, "Parkinson's Disease Action Tremor Detection with Supervised-Leaning Models," IEEE/ACM CHASE 2023, Orlando, USA, June 2023.

  • Hilary Finch, Abasi-Amefon Affia, Woosub Jung, Lucas Potter, Xavier-Lewis Palmer, "Commentary on Healthcare and Disruptive Innovation in the Scope of Cybersecurity," International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ICCWS 2023), Towson, MD, March 2023.


  • Woosub Jung, Kailai Cui, Kenneth Koltermann, Junjie Wang, Chunsheng Xin, Gang Zhou, “Light Auditor: Power Measurement can tell Private Data Leakage through IoT Covert Channels,” ACM SenSys 2022, Boston, MA, November 2022. [PDF]

  • Woosub Jung, “Deep Learing Power-auditing Research tackled IoT Security & Privacy,” ACM SenSys 2022, (PhD Forum), Boston, MA, November 2022. Best PhD Forum Presentation Runner Up

  • Woosub Jung, Kenneth Koltermann, Noah Helm, GinaMari Blackwell, Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff, Leslie Cloud, Gang Zhou, “Kinetic Tremor Measurement via IMU Sensing Data Analysis,” ACM/IEEE CHASE 2022, (Poster Paper), Washington, DC, November 2022. [PDF] [Poster]

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  • Woosub Jung, Yizhou Feng, Sabbir A. Khan, Chunsheng Xin, Danella Zhao, Gang Zhou, "DeepAuditor: Distributed Online Intrusion Detection System for IoT devices via Power Side-channel Auditing," ACM/IEEE IPSN 2022, Milan, Italy, May 2022. [PDF]

  • Woosub Jung, Yizhou Feng, Sabbir A. Khan, Chunsheng Xin, Danella Zhao, Gang Zhou, "A Distributed Power Side-channel Auditing System for Online IoT Intrusion Detection," ACM/IEEE IPSN 2022, (Demo Paper), Milan, Italy, May 2022. [PDF]

  • Woosub Jung, Yizhou Feng, Sabbir A. Khan, Chunsheng Xin, Danella Zhao, Gang Zhou, “Securing IoT devices through Power Auditing and Privacy-preserving CNN,” CCI Symposium, (Poster Paper), Richmond, Virginia, April 2022. [Poster]


  • Minglong Sun, Amanda Watson, Gina Blackwell, Woosub Jung, Shuangquan Wang, Kenneth Koltermann, Noah Helm, Gang Zhou, Leslie Cloud, Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff, "TremorSense: Tremor Detection for Parkinson’s Disease Using Convolutional Neural Network," IEEE/ACM CHASE 2021, December 2021. [PDF]

  • Woosub Jung, Amanda Watson, Scott Kuehn, Erik Korem, Ken Koltermann, Minglong Sun, Shuangquan Wang, Zhenming Liu, Gang Zhou, "LAX-Score: Quantifying Team Performance in Lacrosse and Exploring IMU Features towards Performance Enhancement," ACM IMWUT 2021 Vol. 3, September 2021. Also presented at ACM UbiComp 2021 (Presentation). [PDF] [DOI]

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  • Hongyang Zhao, Shuangquan Wang, Gang Zhou, Woosub Jung, "TennisEye: Tennis Ball Speed Estimation using a Racket-mounted Motion Sensor," ACM/IEEE IPSN, April 2019. [PDF] [DOI] [TennisEye Dataset]


  • Yongsen Ma, Gang Zhou, Shuangquan Wang, Hongyang Zhao, and Woosub Jung, "SignFi: Sign Language Recognition Using WiFi," ACM IMWUT 2018 Vol. 1, March 2018. [PDF] [DOI] [SignFi Dataset]

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Early 2010s

  • Woosub Jung, Sung Ho Cho, "Load Balancing System with SUB-NETWORK Management in Wireless Sensor Networks," Proc.2010 IEEE International Conference on Network Infrastructure & Digital Content, September 2010

  • Dukyoung Kim, Woosub Jung, Sung Ho Cho, "An Efficient Shortcut Path Algorithm using Depth in ZigBee Network," Journal of the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences, 12(34):1475-1482, December 2009

  • Woosub Jung, Sung Ho Cho, "Congestion Control for Efficient Transmission in ZigBee Networks," International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, September 2009

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