Artifacts in Dr. Liu's Group ARTIFACTS IN DR. LIU'S GROUP

We open source and maintain all our tools. Our principle is to not only publish high-quality papers, but also release useful tools to the community for better code optimization and influence the hardware venders for better performance monitoring unit (PMU) support. Most of our tools have passed the artifact evaluation if available in the conference.

Highlights: Influence the community from the tool side.

Witch: A Lightweight Profiler to Identify Program Inefficiencies.

CCTLib: A Fine-grained Profiler that Performs Exhaustive Program Analysis.

HPCToolkit-datacentric: A Lightweight Data-centric Profiler that Identifies Memory-related Bottlenecks.

OMPT: OpenMP Tools API to Support Performance Analysis.

CUDAAdvisor: A GPU Profiler to Identify Performance Issues in CUDA Code Bases.

NUMA-Caffe: A NUMA-aware Caffe Deep Learning Framework.