"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

Gang Zhou
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science
McGlothlin-Street Hall
College of William and Mary
VA 23187-8795

Email-ID AT cs.wm.edu: gzhou     Phone: 757-221-3458     Fax: 757-221-1717


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Chair Positions



Technical Program Committee Member



Journal/Conference Reviewer



Other Services
  • NSF Panel Review, 2008
  • Web Presence Committee, Computer Science Department, College of William and Mary, 2007~2008
  • System Committee, Computer Science Department, College of William and Mary, 2007~2008
  • Panel member, the Teaching Resource Center's August Teaching Workshop, University of Virginia, 2004
  • Paper Tsar, Computer Science Department, University of Virginia, 2004~2007
  • BodyQoS: Adaptive and Radio-Agnostic QoS for Body Sensor Networks, IEEE INFOCOM, Phoenix, AZ, 2008
  • Achieving Reliable Data Collection During Emergency Response, SensorsWorld, Williamsburg, VA, 2007
  • Taming the Sensor Networking Challenges, (1)Auburn University, 2007; (2)College of William and Mary, 2007; (3)Florida International University, 2007
  • Aggregator-Centric QoS Architecture for Body Area Networks, (1)Health Platforms Lab, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR, 2006; (2)Intel Country Fair Demo, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR
  • Crowded Spectrum in Wireless Sensor Networks, (1)IEEE EmNets, Boston, MA, 2006, (2)Health Platforms Lab, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR
  • MMSN: Multi-Frequency Media Access Control for Wireless Sensor Networks, Theory Lunch, University of Virginia, 2006
  • RID: Radio Interference Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE INFOCOM, Miami, FL, 2005
  • RIM: Impact of Radio Irregularity on Wireless Sensor Networks, ACM MobiSys, Boston, 2004
  • Spread Spectrum and CC2420 Radio, Wireless Sensor Network Group, University of Virginia, 2004
  • Challenges and Strategies for New International TAs, University of Virginia, 2004