"Free-Form Acquisition of Shape and Appearance"
Pieter Peers, Vincent Masselus, and Philip Dutré

Department of Computer Science, K.U.Leuven, CW403, February 2005
This report focuses on the acquisition of shape and appearance of real objects under static illumination, without the need for an elaborate calibration process or an expensive setup. Emphasis is put on ease of use and obtaining visually pleasing results. Using recent advances in matting, an opacity hull of the object is computed from an uncalibrated sequence of photographs.

User interaction is limited to drawing trimaps for a small subset of the recorded photographs. A trimap indicates which parts of the photograph represents the object, background or unknown. From these trimaps, the mattes of the photographs can be extracted, and subsequently a coarse intermediate opacity hull can be computed. The opacity hull is iteratively refined by computing a trimap, and thus a matte, for the remaining photographs using the already computed mattes and the coarse intermediate opacity hull.

We illustrate our method on a wide range of objects, ranging from ordinary objects and human faces to large outdoor statues.

Supplementary Material
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