Qun Li


I am an associate professor of Department of Computer Science at College of William and Mary. The recent research of my Wireless Networking Group (WING) focuses on wireless networks and embedded systems, including pervasive computing, smart phones, smart grid, smart health, cognitive radio, wireless LANs, mobile ad-hoc networks, sensor networks, and RFID systems. It involves designing and analyzing algorithms, building and simulating prototype systems, and conducting real network experiments and measurements. I got my PhD from Dartmouth College in 2004 under the supervision of Daniela Rus.

I am current working with brilliant students  Yifan Zhang, Zhengrui Qin, Ed Novak, Nancy Carter, Zijiang Hao, and Yutao Tang.   I am interested in motivated students who would like to work on operating systems, algorithms, networking, security and privacy in the context of pervasive, mobile, wireless computing systems. Recently graduated: Fengyuan Xu, Wei Wei, Hao Han

I am the recipient of a NSF Career Award in 2008.

To add more information :-),  my Erdös number is 3.

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Qun Li
Department of Computer Science
McGlothlin-Street Hall
College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795

Tel: 757-221-3478 (O)
Fax: 757-221-1717
E-mail: user: liqun domain: cs.wm.edu

Direction to WM

Haodong's WM-ECC implementation is available upon request now. His implementation is one of the most efficient ECC  packages on sensor Motes. More than a dozen  universities are using our implementation.

Here are the performance data on three platforms:
		Tmote Sky (8MHz): ECDSA Signature: 0.77s, ECDSA Verification: 1.12s
MicaZ (4MHz): ECDSA Signature: 1.35s, ECDSA Verification: 1.96s
TelosB (4MHz): ECDSA Signature: 1.55s, ECDSA Verification: 2.25s



Our undergraduate student Harry Gao has been selected as a Finalist in the Computing Research Association's Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award competition for 2011. Congratulations!

Haodong Wang joined Cleveland State University as an Assistant Professor.

Bo Sheng joined UMASS Boston as an Assistant Professor.
Chiu C. Tan joined Temple University as an Assistant Professor.