ESE Online Appendix

This web page is a companion to our Empirical Software Engineering submission entitled "Using Structural and Textual Information to Capture Feature Coupling in Object-Oriented Systems."

dbViz Rhino iBatis
Source code
Features identified from ECMAScript specification iBatis-requirements.txt
Textual similarities
Structural dependencies* dbViz-dependencies.xml Rhino-dependencies.xml iBatis-dependencies.xml
Feature-method maps**
Feature coupling resutls
Bug mappings** N/A

Download all the dbViz data (5.7M), Rhino data (117M), or iBatis data (31M).

Descriptive stats of the coupling metrics.

Spearman correlation coeffiecents between the metrics and bugs as well as among the metrics themselves.

Impact analysis average precision and recall data for coupled features in dbViz and Rhino at various thresholds and HFC (Fig. 6 from the manuscript) for selected thresholds in Rhino.

Raw developer rating data.

Graphs of the developer study ratings for dbViz, Rhino, and iBatis.

* Obtained from JRipples.
** Obtained from

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the NSF on this research project.