Online Appendix

This web page is a companion to our ICSE 2012 submission entitled "Rapid Software Prototyping via Mining Open-Source Repositories."
  1. Our Approach
  2. Our approach is available for public testing. Try it!

  3. Extracted Features
  4. We extracted 1,135 features from the repositories for use in our tool. A list of these features is available here:

  5. User Study Materials
  6. Our user study consisted of 12 tasks divided among 2 groups of participants in 2 experiments, as shown in the design below. During the experiments, the participants used the different approaches and filled out worksheets with their ratings. You can download those worksheets and other materials here:

    ExperimentGroupApproachTask Set
    1AOur ApproachT1
    BOur ApproachT4

  7. Raw User Study Results
  8. The participants read the results, entered queries into the assigned approach, and recorded and rated the recommendations. All of the worksheets (tabulated in Excel) are available here:

  9. Metrics for Evaluation
  10. We computed confidence, precision, and coverage for the different approaches. The metrics are defined in the paper, and the scripts we used to compute the metrics are available here:

  11. Final Results
  12. All Excel files containing our metrics and statistical tests can be found here:
Collin McMillan, Nikki Hariri, Denys Poshyvanyk, Jane Cleland-Huang, Bamshad Mobasher