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Location: Computer Science Department,
College of William & Mary
McGlothlin-Street Hall 115
Williamsburg, VA, 23187


10.20.2021 Our CGF 2021, BMVC 2021 and Siggraph Asia 2021 Technical Communications publications are now available in the publications.
06.03.2021 Our CVPR 2021 and TVCG 2021 publications are now available online.
08.28.2020 Our paper on free-view point image-based relighting paper has been accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2020.
08.28.2020 Our PG2020 paper on Deep Separation of Direct and Global Components is now available.
06.30.2020 Our EGSR and MAM papers on Adaptive Metric for BRDF Fitting and Appearance Matching are now available.