Makegrsc program
For creating an sc spreadsheet for a class
Bill Bynum
Fall, 1999

Making a Spreadsheet for Course Grades

I have written the makegrsc program that uses the namelist file required by the submit program to create an input file for the sc spreadsheet program. You can invoke it by typing:

             ~bynum/bin/makeroll namelistfile  >

Usage Information

Usage: makegrsc namelist  >
      makes sc spreadsheet from namelist
Lines in the namelist file are of either of three forms
   # comment line (skipped)
   userid  emailaddress  Student's_first (zero or more middle) last_names
   a_null_line (skipped)
The first line of the file is expected to be a comment line
   that contains the class title

Program Source

The sc Spreadsheet Program

You can use the sc executables in my two bin directories: ~bynum/bin/sun4m/sc and ~bynum/bin/i586/sc.

sc 6.21 Distribution

Sample ASCII spreadsheet output
Sample namelist file used

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