Using Data Fusion and Web Mining to Support Feature Location in Software - Online Appendix

This web page is a companion to our International Conference on Program Comprehension publication entitled "Using Data Fusion and Web Mining to Support Feature Location in Software"


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  • Download the data used to compute the effectiveness measure for the feature location techniques that combine information retrieval, dynamic information and web mining (IR+Dyn+WebMining), when we filter top x methods and bottom x methods (x=0%, 10%, …, 100%).


    • The numbers in the red worksheets represent the ranks of the methods in the gold set, after filtering X% of methods (X is denoted by the column header). Each red tab (that contains the raw data) has a corresponding tab which visualizes the data using box plots.

    • Where the word "Binary" is not explicitly stated in the worksheets names, we refer to using the frequency weights (as opposed to the binary weights).

  • The results of comparing the all the feature location techniques based on their effectiveness can be downloaded here:


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