PReconditioned Iterative MultiMethod Eigensolver


PReconditioned Iterative MultiMethod Eigensolver

Version 1.1 (Oct 18, 2006)

Available under the Lesser GPL license

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Symmetric and Hermitian eigenvalue problems enjoy a remarkable theoretical structure that allows for efficient and stable algorithms for obtaining a few required eigenpairs. This is probably one of the reasons that enabled applications requiring the solution of symmetric eigenproblems to push their accuracy and thus computational demands to unprecedented levels. Materials science, structural engineering, and some QCD applications routinely compute eigenvalues of matrices of dimension more than a million; and often much more than that! Typically, with increasing dimension comes increased ill conditioning, and thus the use of preconditioning becomes essential.

  • One known bug --discovered October 2009--. In line 303 of ZSRC/inner_solve_z.c the following line:
    {ztmp.r = -gamma; ztmp.i = 0.0L;}
    should be
    {ztmp.r = gamma; ztmp.i = 0.0L;}
    This was impairing the performance of the Complex JDQMR method. It will be fixed in a soon upcoming version.

  • Known omissions in the sample test programs that will be fixed in the next version:
    In the parallel test program driver_par.c the variable (int procID) must be passed as a parameter into broadCast().
    In the Makefile_par the linking line should include $(INCLUDE).
  • For any questions/reports/bugs send a message to "andreas" at cs dot wm dot edu

    The following papers describe the research that has led to this software. To cite PRIMME, please cite paper [1]. More information can be found in the rest of the papers. The work has been supported by a number of grants from the National Science Foundation.
    Andreas Stathopoulos and James R. McCombs
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